Fanfare 3D, la fanfare autrement

Géraldine Benza &
Jean-Bernard Vurlod

Since February 2020, the Fanfare 3D has been pursuing its mission within the Perce-Neige Foundation. Its ingredients? A handful of brass instruments, an armful of percussion, a hint of woodwinds, an indispensible audience, good will, a pinch of good humour and a touch of fantasy that lets the creative impulse go. With about fifteen members, including residents as well as outside volunteers, its repertoire includes dance music, a few song tunes, and simple, lively, contemporary arrangements that bring a festive atmosphere to the occasion. The Fanfare 3D gives 4 to 5 performances a year, in institutions, old age homes or during events.


In February 1996, under the impulse of Mrs Jocelyne Genoud, educator at the Rehabilitation Unit of the Cantonal Psychiatric Hospital of Perreux and musician, the “Fanfare des UR de Perreux” was born.

In 2004 the band was integrated into the workshops, joined in 2006 by Mr. Jean-Bernard Vurlod, music therapist in adult psychiatry and musician. In 2009 the band was integrated into the Astelle Workshops of the newly created Centre Neuchâtelois de Psychiatrie and became “Fanfare 3D la fanfare autrement”. “In addition to the allusion to a French singer, the 3Ds represent the musical, social and therapeutic dimensions that sum up the mission of the band.

In 2012 Ms. Géraldine Benza, a geriatric animator and musician, joined the band, as Ms. Genoud left the band the same year.

In February 2020 the Fanfare 3D left the CNP and was taken over by the Perce-Neige Foundation. It continues its mission, still directed by Mrs Benza and Mr Vurlod.

Les Perce-Neige Foundation charter

Our mission is to accompany the person
in a situation of disability.

We aim for her to be able to take
its full place in society.

We accomplish our mission
in a professional and interdisciplinary manner
by putting the human being at the center of our concerns.

We work with consistency,
in a caring, respectful and balanced attitude.

In an entrepreneurial spirit, we develop
a strategic, open and innovative vision.

We are recognized by our partners
through the relevance of our actions,
defending our values
and our militant commitment.

The purpose of our commitments is to
the fulfilment and valorization of each individual.

A human adventure, a state of mind