The new health measures taken for the TPLM 2020/21 season are designed to ensure your optimal safety.

Wearing a mask is mandatory upon entering the building. The public is divided into three perfectly heterogeneous sectors (A and B in the Parterre and C in the Gallery), each with a total of less than 300 people. Separate management of each of the three groups, in particular by alternating entrances and exits. We will give you more information about the practical implementation of this measure at a later date. For safety reasons, there will unfortunately be no stand up drink. The Foyer will remain closed and the champagne bar will be put back to better days. Total attendance is limited to 835 auditors. Floor markings in the access areas. Hydroalcoholic solution at the main entrance. For your own safety, the information collected when ordering tickets, including your position in the hall, will be kept available to the competent authorities for 14 days after the concert date. A quarantine could be imposed on you if a case of COVID-19 infection were to occur after the event. The measures put in place are particularly restrictive, we are aware of this. Let’s try together to consider them as friends who are able to allow us to continue to live safely the great musical emotion. We will do our utmost to give you a warm welcome despite the situation.