Gaspard Glaus by Pascal Auberson

In order to do this, I had to surround myself with musicians who had the same desire to work on the written word, but also to take the time to research together, while decompartmentalizing our universes, which had been locked up for so long in fashions, genres, and well-established postures, without losing the identity of each one. It is with Gaspard Glaus, a lifelong friend, that I started my career. We were twenty years old and had a common passion for the stage.

We have a long-standing relationship, a complicity, a complementarity that goes in the direction of this adventure.

We first put our experiences together in order to realize on paper about thirty of my songs that had never been written. Worked to the scalpel, to the height of Gaspard’s requirements concerning the writing we are about to finalize the project of an Aubersong 2, compilation of twenty-five songs of yesterday and today. It was a long job, but in the end it saved a lot of time. Very practical as the writing is so clear which makes our work much easier.

Starting from these written structures we can then consider taking liberties because it is well known that without a frame there is no painting. This is the strength of the writing.

Gaspard’s competence on the piano -his favorite instrument-, as well as his musical precision, his mastery of jazz, of the moment, his holistic approach to music loving all at once the most diverse forms. The songs, the symphonies, the great works and the smaller ones, his love of words as well, his sense of humor and his ability to take risks, his infinite patience to put my mess in order, if I dare say so, have definitely convinced me to try a new experience with him.

Remembering that together a long time ago we had created “Liberté Provisoire”, an avant-garde show whose title still seems to me devilishly topical.